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VitalSigns After-Hours. Extend Your Service, Without Extending Your Staff.

VitalSigns After-Hours. Extend Your Service, Without Extending Your Staff.

Your patients/customers don’t stop needing help at 5 p.m. But staffing up to offer round-the-clock service is costly, and might not make sense for your business.

VitalSigns After-Hours provides off-hours staff support to home health and hospice groups. Our expert nurses can offer telephone assistance to your patients/customers, and make in-person visits when needed.

Working With VitalSigns After-Hours:

  • › Calls are automatically routed directly to our nurses. You forward your telephones to a number specifically designated for your company. When your patients/customers call in its as if they are speaking directly to your staff.
  • › VitalSigns After-Hours is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • › All information about calls and visits is relayed to you immediately for follow up. All calls are recorded for liability and service issues.
  • › Our highly skilled nurses triage each situation, and either help your patient/customer over the phone, or dispatch a nurse immediately for on-site, personal care.

24/7 - 365 Days a Year.

VitalSigns After-Hours can access VitalSigns Healthcare Staffing’s network of highly qualified, compassionate nurses, who offer a broad range of skills and experience. Whatever your customers/patients need, whenever they need it—we’ll be there.

We provide supplemental nursing staff to fill the gaps in your scheduling needs.

Our helpful team can quickly fill all your nurse staffing needs. Make us your first call, and you won’t have to go anywhere else.

VitalSigns’ nurses are qualified in a variety of certificate and specialty areas to fit your specific needs.

VitalSigns handles all recruiting, screening, hiring, credentialing, reference checking, payroll, insurance and all other human resource functions, so you can focus on excellent patient care.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No off-site call centers or routing.

Our Customers Include:

  • › Home Health & Hospice Agencies
  • › Hospitals
  • › Long Term Care Facilities
  • › Acute Rehabilitation Facilities
  • › Outpatient Surgical Centers
  • › Urgent Care Treatment Centers
  • › Medical Clinics & Doctors’ Offices
  • › Assisted Living Facilities
  • › Retirement Communities
  • › Factories & Industrial Facilities
  • › Pharmacies
  • › Military Based Hospitals
  • › Compliance Consulting